Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swim lessons

I was so excited that I was able to get ElvisAnn
in swim lessons with Miss Debbie. She is an awesome
teacher. She taught ElvisAnn that if she falls into a pool
to turn on her back and float. We still have a lot of work
to get her swimming and pool safe. But its a great start.
Thank you Miss Debbie!!!!! Here are pictures of her progress...

ElvisAnn's first swim lesson, practicing her kickers
and crying in Miss Debbie's ear the entire time.

Perfect Form.

Her 4th lesson, look no hands!

"I can dive for rings Mommy"!!

Getting ready to swim!

Scott's first attendance of a swim lesson and
Miss Debbie asks him to throw ElvisAnn in the
pool. Little did she know that Scott couldn't even
let ElvisAnn cry herself to sleep! Total softy when
it comes to his girl.

Ya, she floated. Scott was relieved.

Her surprise toss by her teacher to see if she will
float. (This was her last lesson, I had to push her
in the pool with all her clothes on to see if she would
remember what she's learned. She struggled, so we have
to keep practicing.)

Where did my baby go?

Success! She came up floating. Ya ElvisAnn!

By the end of her last lesson, she was floating
without crying!

I'm so proud of my little fishy!

ElvisAnn's final toss and float video. Hard to hear her cry,
but that is a great sound to hear, silence is scary! (please note
her left leg, funny girl)

Cousin fun and Q-Tortas

ElvisAnn, Ezra, and Logan playing with the H2O table.

Uncle Timmy taking ElvisAnn skateboarding!

Peekaboo! Grandma's couch is a great hiding place.

Mandy and my cute nephews at Q-tortas.

ElvisAnn awaiting her chips and cheese. She's been
coming with us to the Q since she was 1 week old!

Matthias being funny of course

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let Freedom Ring!!!

Happy 4th of July! Now what is more American than Pumpkin Pie.

Water Gun fight in the Pool. Great
action shot.

We painted ElvisAnn's toes to match Mommy's!

ElvisAnn and Grandma Goodman waiting for the
fireworks to begin!

...And I proudly stand up next to you and
defend her still today. Cause there aint no doubt
I love this land!!! God bless the U.S.A.!!!!

We ended the night with some sparklers!

Awwww cute, its a heart.

I was trying to spell my name...


First trip to LegoLand! Fun place, lucky for us ElvisAnn
is tall for her age so she was able to go on some of the rides.

If we ever build a playhouse I want it to
look like a lego house.

Of course we had to try out the water.

I worked really hard trying to get these two's attention.
At least Ezra thinks I'm funny!

First ride of the day. ElvisAnn loved it.

Fire Engine race, Scott claims they got the fastest
time on record.

So this picture is so not in focus and Scott has his
eyes closed, but look at ElvisAnn's excitement to go
on the boat!!!!! She was giggling so hard.

ElvisAnn was very into driving the boat. Except for when
music came on from another attraction and she threw up
her hands and started dancing.

Matthias, Timmy, and Daddy on the roller
coaster, wish I could have gone.

The best ride in the park according to ElvisAnn.(Safari Trek)
She was beside herself and couldn't stop pointing
out all the animals to Grandma.

Scott zoomed around so fast, I could barely
take a picture of him!

I couldn't get enough of the Lego people.

Neither could Elvi

Ahh! Good thing Scott was there to knock the Shark out!

Save Ezra ElvisAnn!

MiniLand USA was impressive. Here is
Mardi Gra in New Orleans. When I was
taking this picture a little girl asked her Dad
if she could go there and get beads like the Lego's,
He started laughing and said "ummm, No".

Yep those are porter potties at the Presidential Inauguration,
and yes they have President Obama too.

I was so happy to see they included the seals at the warf
in San Francisco.

This was my favorite Lego creation.
Much better in person.

LA Day

Look out behind you ElvisAnn!

I don't know what it is about butterflies that I love
so very much, but I couldn't stop taking pictures of them!

Lucky boy!

You can't see in this picture but I'm
wearing turquoise shorts to match ElvisAnn
and Scott. When we got to the museum a group
of day camp kids were wearing the same color.
Go figure!

Stopped off for lunch at famous "Pink's" hot dogs.

This van was amazing. We pulled over to take pictures.
You really had to get up close to see all the magic.

Transformer's standing guard at the Paramount studios.