Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Sur Trek

We loaded up the Westy Rig and headed off to Big Sur to meet our (Deaver) aunts and uncles for the annual camp out. On the way up we decided to stop at Pinnacles National monument and weren't disappointed.
The girls were ready for the adventure

The van was fully loaded and ready to camp! EmmaJane was ready to hike (with the help of a gentle nudge from Scott)

We entered at the west entrance and really enjoyed the beautiful park and huge rocks

We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into and the little munchkins were just stoked to climb, crawl and squeeze through the cool rocks.
Head lamps ready! Lets go for it!

No sweat for mom

lots of fresh terds on the trail. We were the only people on the trail and EmmaJane was convinced there was a large beast near by waiting to eat us.

We survived the hike and enjoyed the sunset and we descended from Carmel down the coast

We arrived in Big Sur and ElvisAnn enjoyed a makeshift fort, made from an egg crate pad

Pfieffer Beach

The whole crew got a kick out of the sand hill. We raced up and down it with the occasional tumble.
Scott racing his uncle Ken-it was a close one
Elvis charging like a pro

DaviJewell's technique

DaviJewell, stopping to smile for the camera

Chilling with our cousin Garrett at a sweet restaurant overlook

You can't beat the central coast! So Epic
We had fun hitting the trail through the big trees on our bikes

ElvisAnn's favorite part of the day.S'mores!!

Breakfast with aunt Kate

DaviJewell enjoying her burger from Uncle Bob. (One of the top reason's to camp with the Deaver's is the food...amazing)

The Family

we had to mark our territory on the way out on some large fungi

Bye Big Sur! We love you

Our Journey still not through. We took the 1 home and took plenty of pictures along the way.

The girls checking out one of the most amazing beaches on earth. Julia Pfieffer Falls
On our drive we noticed a guy pulled over and peering into the sky with binoculars. We decided to pull over and realized he was looking at a California Condor in flight. A very rare encounter indeed. Double click on the condor photo to get the full effect. These guys are huge!

Elephant Seals!!

This seal was a punk and made the other one move/started a fight, so he could have that spot.More fighting seals

We had to take a pic of Scott's dream ride

Gaviota state beach

We made it down to Gaviota state beach for dinner and a sunset

cup o noodle
The girls and Le Tigre survived another awesome trip