Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby DaviJewell

I was dilated to a 4 when I went in. This picture was
taken just as they were hooking up my IV, I wasn't smiling
much after this.

I had the best coach, doctor, and nurse! I couldn't
have done it without em'. (my parents were there
too, just not in this picture)

We had skin to skin time with DaviJewell immediately
after she was born for 1 hour b4 they weighed and bathed her.
Scott had some skin to skin time too. Its suppose to help the baby
clean out its lungs, regulate body temp, and bonding.

Her is DaviJewell just after skin to skin time, 1 hr old!

After her first bath.

ElvisAnn meeting DaviJewell for the first time. It was
such a neat thing to witness! DaviJewell perked up
right when ElvisAnn came up to her, it was like she
knew who she was. (single tear)

One of my favorite moments. Holding both my babies!

ElvisAnn loves her little sister.

Grandma and Grandpa Goodman, love the new baby.

Robin and Daniel came to see DaviJewell.

DaviJewell 3 days old. Just before we left the Hospital!

DaviJewell is a total joy. She sleeps alot and eats well. We
are so lucky to have a healthy baby. I think she trys to smile
and often looks like she is giggling. We just love our new
baby. Of course one of the first thing's her Daddy said to her
was..' I can't wait to take you camping in the van'! I'm sure Uncle
Steve is just waiting on the edge of his seat for the date.
Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. We love you all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Toy

ElvisAnn's new favorite toy... paper clips! This makes me laugh
because Ernie on Sesame st loves paper clips. (nice bed hair)!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

End of Summer

We had a great summer, I can't believe that it is over.
Here are some photos that I never posted.....

Slip n Slide fun (there were so many amazing pictures wish you could post them all)

OC fair! I wish I could have been married here...

I had to share my corn with ElvisAnn, next year she is
getting her own!

and lemonade.

My brother Timmy on this fun ride. Wish I could have gone on it.

Can you guess who they are waving too?


corn dog

hot dog

I couldn't resist, sorry ElvisAnn I know you will kill me for this when
you are older!

Elephant ride, best ride in the whole fair. I couldn't stop smiling.

37 1/2 weeks!

Our attempt to capture the belly before its gone.

(nice try Scott!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family day at the OC Zoo

I have never been to the OC zoo, its tiny, but they had
2 black bears, mountain lion, and some other animals.
ElvisAnn loved it!

brushing the goats

wild peacock....don't attack!

The Irvine park had their annual pumpkin thingy, I was
pleasantly surprised, but bummed because I would have
dressed for the occasion.

Pony rides! Ya!

We made it through the hay maze on the first try.

I was so afraid ElvisAnn was going to smash the pumpkins
because she kept picking them up and dropping em. Luckily
they were all ok.