Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Hwy 1 Westy trip

ElvisAnn loves running on the beach and sleeping in the van!

one of the key stops of the trip, to visit the "Go Westy" shop in Los Osos, CA. Our van felt at home with all of his relatives. The completely restored big blue 4x4 van on the right can sell for up to $120,000 and the other restored vans go for around $40,000.

Scott enjoyed the cold and scenic morro bay rock surf break

The Westy's got some sunbathing in at pismo

Cruising side by side on the sand. Hi Steve!

ElvisAnn loves the horsey ride

The Westy was ready to do some farming, but we had to go.

The infamous "Church of Skatan"

casey joined us for one night and surfed with us at Ventura

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LaKe PoWeLl 2009

We tried to get ElvisAnn to try the baby ski. She was getting the hang of it.

Little momma surfing it up!

Elvis got to shred with daddy.

go dady! rip it up!

scott finding his Native American zen

casey keeping track of his girl back home.

Air chair time

family tube time

look at grandma Goodman go

Saying goodbye at the junction.

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