Sunday, May 30, 2010

Santa Cruz and back!

Our first night spent on the beautiful Santa Barbara Coast.
My buddy Steve & Ryan didn't want to miss out on our coastal journey and joined us with his 78 bus

The girls waking up
This is what Westy Livin' is all about! Scott is in heaven.

ElvisAnn investigating the creepy ocean thingy.

Scott & Steve scored some decent waves at Rincon
We had to stop and check out the famous Madonna Inn and see what all the hype was about.
We were not disappointed. Amazing Style!!!

And sample their specialty cakes! Yummy!
We went by the "Go Westy" store in Los Osos and ran into some family. My Grandpa Ray's younger brother Otis walked in the store along with the rest of his family. Crazy eh? What are the chances? I had no clue they owned a Westy. They were down from San Jose getting some work done. We definitely need to meet up in the future. Steve and I are always looking for Westy Friends or new recruits.
We stopped by the side of the road on the way to our campsite to enjoy the amazing view of Moro Bay
The Westy's were getting jealous the big rock and some attention too.
The Westy's chilling at the "Montana de Oro" campground
What a great spot! I'll be returning soon.
cooking yummy pan cakes in Steve's van
Elvis loved the Elephant Seals
This was our first trip up Hwy 1 to Carmel. It was an epic drive!

We made a necessary stop at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium

Cool sea horse and jelly fish exhibits

Chilling at the "New Brighton" state beach and campground

DaviJewell was a great little camper. My girls love the van.
We loved this campground too!

We all got a taste of Scott's favorite pizza

Scott was stoked to score good surf at his old spot at "the hook" in Santa Cruz

The End