Friday, April 23, 2010

Time for an update!

Happy Easter! ElvisAnn was so excited to follow the trail of eggs the Easter Bunny left. She was very determined to make sure she gathered all of the eggs!

ElvisAnn's waiting to see Tinker Bell! Too bad she was so shy when she saw her that she hid her face. She barely looked at her!

DaviJewell! She is already 6 months old and smiles all the time.

Uncle Timmy taking DaviJewell down the slide for the first time. She was very excited!

I'm so surprised that she would even sit on this prehistoric jaguar. She was a little nervous, can you tell?

DaviJewell liked the hippos. So did her big sister.

Scott's family came and visited with us. We had a really good time at the SD Zoo.

3rd Generation Q-tortas lover.

I was trying hard not to laugh out loud as I watched ElvisAnn play with her Mommy and baby Julius, as she calls them. Can you guess what's happening? According to ElvisAnn baby Julius was hungry!